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I’ve known Alex and Eva for years now- I actually remember being there the day they met (Australia Day) a few years back and have some pretty deranged footage of all of us dancing in the front yard to Triple J’s Hottest 100. Fast forward a few years of adulthood and these two were meant to tie the knot in a big, beautiful wedding on the Northern Beaches at the end of March. Unfortunately, COVID-19 quickly put a damper on their months of planning and over the span of a week leading up to their wedding, they were forced to change plans a handful of times. I’ll let Eva’s Instagram post do the talkin:

“For those of you who are wondering what happened… Here is a short version of the story (not even joking)… We had originally planned to get married in front of a hundred of our friends and family at Pasadena in Church Point on Friday the 27th of March. We made a call the week before to postpone the big celebration due to concerns over coronavirus, but still get married in front of immediate family and our bridal party in a small, intimate ceremony.

We lucked out with approval to get married on top of Barrenjoey, where we went on one of our first dates, even though weddings are not usually permitted up there. We then found out Barrenjoey had been closed, due to high volumes of visitors over the weekend, and restaurants shut.
We moved our wedding to The Bible Garden at Palm Beach, and then on Wednesday, two days before, at 9.30pm, we watched the news unfold as ScoMo made the announcement that the following day from midnight weddings would be limited to five people.

We wanted to be married, but we also wanted both our parents present. We called our beautiful celebrant @shillobrations, who lives in Orange, and she worked late at night to transfer all our paperwork to @jessiecacchillocelebrant, who kindly agreed to our last-minute request to officiate a wedding the very next day. We woke up the next morning and started getting everything in order. In the afternoon a huge thunderstorm rolled in, and we made the call to get married in Alex’s parents beautiful garden instead.

At 6.30pm on Wednesday the 25th of March, twenty-six hours after we saw the news of the new restrictions, in front of loved ones (except sadly those locked down in other states) we tied the knot and became husband and wife. There were a fair few more twists and turns in there and stress levels were through the roof, but now I look back, I realise how lucky we were to have that special night of love and joy amidst such turbulent times. Woohoo! 💍”

I’m so glad these two could tie the knot, their love is undeniable and they deserve nothing but happiness. Enjoy their beautiful backyard wedding below xx

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