It's been over a decade of photographing weddings and I still find myself wiping away tears during the ceremony vows, laughing out loud with the guests during speeches, and smiling ear to ear while watching the beautiful messiness of a drunken cake cutting.

Wedding documentation matters because it extends beyond the day itself. Your photographs are one of the only parts of your day that are shared and reflected upon by not only the present couple and their loved ones, but are then passed down on to future generations.


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Over the last few years, many of us have seen that taking an unconventional wedding route is oftentimes the best (and sometimes the most romantic!) way to go. Whether it’s at the local court house, a cliffside at sunset, a favorite restaurant, or even in your backyard- the day you get married will always be special and memorable. 

No matter where you choose to marry one another, we already love your desire for adventure and are excited about your eagerness to go outside of the box of typical wedding traditions. Elopements hold a special place in our hearts and we would love to help you make yours unforgettable.  


Super 8

Raw, nostalgic, authentic wedding day films- shot on Kodak super 8 film.  These Super 8 films are an unobtrusive, beautiful, artistic way to document your love. Inquire to learn more about this add-on option to your coverage.