Molokini Crater on Expired Disposable Film



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Before Natalie and I headed out to one of my favorite activities of our whole photo trip across the Pacific, we stopped into a little surf shop outside of the docks to grab some towels. A box of old expired underwater disposable cameras caught our eye, and we decided to just go for it and each buy one! We had no idea how old they were or if they would even work, but we figured we’d give it a try (I had my GoPro– so we knew we’d get some awesome photos no matter what!).

Well, I finally got the film developed at a local Walgreens and it definitely did not turn out very well. But thanks to Lightroom- I just edited these babies in black and white and it actually made some of these shots look pretty neat! I feel like you’d never be able to tell (besides our swim wear, haha) how old these photos really are! Take a look below while I daydream about being back in this incredible crater filled with warm water and tropical fish.

2015-03-23_0012 2015-03-23_0004 2015-03-23_0003 2015-03-23_0017 2015-03-23_0002 2015-03-23_0005 2015-03-23_0006 2015-03-23_0007 2015-03-23_0008 2015-03-23_0009 2015-03-23_0016 2015-03-23_0010 2015-03-23_0020 2015-03-23_0019 2015-03-23_0014 2015-03-23_0015 2015-03-23_0013 2015-03-23_0018 2015-03-23_0011

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