Lauren + Brian’s Intimate French Villa Wedding



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Time really flies when you don’t keep up with your wedding blogs for over five years, omg. I cannot believe I haven’t shared this wedding from a few years back in Provence, France- one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life! I’ve known Lauren’s sister, Maddie, for years- and I was blown away when she asked me if I could fly out to France to shoot her intimate, private villa wedding ceremony. I quickly said DUH ABSOLUTELY and next thing you know, my sister and I are traveling to France together to assist in capturing this incredible wedding day.

I cannot recommend this type of wedding more if you’re looking for something intimate, beautiful, and meaningful. Just imagine 10 of your closest friends and family, sharing a home, eating fresh cooked french meals, and drinking under the twinkly lights all night. ACTUAL HEAVEN. Enjoy one of my favorite weddings ever below xx

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