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WOW. Remember fun? Remember socializing? HOLY CRAP the things I’d do to be boogying at a festival with a bunch of strangers in costumes right now. Join me as I reminisce on happier times. PLEASE.

Last year, for the second year in a row, a few of my friends and I headed to Secret Garden Festival outside of Sydney, Australia for some funky times in the forest. They always have a themed first night (Friday), which happened to be Disco in Outerspace (A DREAM COME TRUE), and the second night is basically dealer’s choice. We decided to just dress as solid colors of the rainbow and galavant around the festy looking all cute n colorful.

This was the last year Secret Garden was held- and IM SO SAD IT’S DONE. And especially sad now that we’re all stuck in self-isolation. But ahh well, tis life. We shall boogey again. Til then, enjoy this 35mm filmy flashback to one of the most fun weekends in existence.

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