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I met up with Jenny and Shawn in Reykjavik, Iceland for a surprise proposal. No one could talk about a proposal better than the person who got engaged! Here’s what Jenny has to say about it all:

“As a photographer myself, Iceland has become one of the most intriguing places to me. Ive had the travel bug and convinced my then boyfriend of 8 years to leave the US and go with me to Iceland. We often got asked “why Iceland?”, I would respond “have you ever seen photos, its unreal, its a photographers dream!” I had started to see more and more photos as Iceland is becoming quite the popular adventure vacation and became mildly obsessed. I had noticed that Caitlin happened to overlap our trip by one day and reached out to see if she would be available to photograph a couples session for us. We have never been photographed in the 8 years we had been together, and what better place to be photographed than in Iceland. Little did I know my boyfriend Shawn had contacted Caitlin on his own to inform her that he planned to propose to me during our couples session with her. They plotted and picked the location of where it would all happen which happened to be the most amazing private waterfall overlooked by mountains of sheep.

As we began posing for photos in front of the waterfall, looking back I can remember noticing how Shawn’s heart was beating out of his chest and thought that was strange (the hike up to the waterfall wasn’t that hard!). He began to kneel down on one knee and give me his speech, I was completely shocked and confused by what was happening, the entire proposal was a blur. Luckily we had Caitlin to document not only our first photo session ever, but our proposal story which is forever representing the best trip of our lives!”

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