Tracy in Theia



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The shoot was the product of a day-before-on-an-airplane planning as I flew home from a spending the winter in Australia. I was on a flight back from Japan and had bought wifi flew over Abu Dhabi towards Washington, DC. I accidentally left about 15 rolls of unexposed film in a checked in bag, and I needed to set up a casual shoot to test a few rolls to make sure they weren’t damaged. In came Adriana of Adriana Marie Events, Paige of PSC Hair Artistry, Kelley Unthank Makeup, and Sarah of Intrigue Designs to collab on a last minute shoot to see if my film was damaged! Thankfully, the film was perfectly fine and we ended up with a gorgeous, springy floral inspired shoot. The images below were shot on a mixture of Fuji400h and Portra 800 film that had gone through the Xray machines in Indonesia and Australia.

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