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A few summers ago, I met Sarah and Bud while in Iceland after a mutual photographer friend commented and tagged us in each other’s travel posts. We ended up messaging each other with plans to meet up later in the week, but some Icelandic weird magic happened and we ran into each other while sitting at a waterfall and listening to a local musician play his guitar. Like…is that a joke. Where else would that ever happen?! Anywho, fast forward a day or so (I honestly don’t remember at this point), and we ended up meeting up at Jokulsarlon! They both changed in the back of their camper van and we headed down to the glaciers for a mini anniversary shoot. Being wedding photographers, they obviously had a suit and wedding dress in the back of their camper, because why not. I loved getting to meet these two- they’re so easy to hang out with and shoot! I’m crossing my fingers that our paths’ll cross again in the near future.

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