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Well over a year ago, in November 2015, I flew out to Seattle, Washington with fellow photog, Kate Ann, and Baltimore-based wedding planner, Jenna of Pop the Cork, for a little PNW road trip and a short week of shooting. The first shoot was set with Jen and Brandon, a couple I knew from back home in Annapolis. We’d planned on doing an awesome mountain top shoot, but seeing as it was November in the Pacific Northwest, the weather made us completely switch up all of our plans. We ended up just shooting in a dark forest outside of the city, but it ended pretty well seeing as some random horse/owner walked past us as we were shooting. While there was only about 15 minutes of cloudy light left before sunset, we made the most of the shoot and the insanely amazing Claire La Faye gown.

  1. Caitlin these are gorgeous!!! Her gown is amazing!!

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