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It’s Friday and I have too many things I want to blog- but I’m going to put those off until next week and do a little person post! I find myself a little more easily obsessed with new TV, movies, and food- as there’s a bit more downtime during off season and a lot more time to binge watch television while editing and working from home. So  here it is, the 10 things I love this month!

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1. Broad City– Hands down one of the funniest shows on TV. New episodes on Comedy Central every Wednesday at 10:30pm. Watch it and cry laughing. It’s amazingly bizarre and pretty vulgar so…be warned.

2. Kayak.com App– what I just used to book a $250 roundtrip to California! My StudentUniverse account will likely be ending soon, as I’m turning 25 this year, but thankfully Kayak has tickets that are just as affordable!

3. Hate-Watching the Bachelor– this season is AWFUL (as is every season) and group texting with my family/friends while we all watch it is always a highlight.

4. Zara– I just bought this jacket while in London and it has me really excited for the weather to get a little warmer- it’s 3/4 sleeves so it’s just warm enough for those first spring days. COME TO ME WARM WEATHER

5. How to Get Away with Murder– my sister and I watched an episode one lazy Sunday when the weather was horrible and could not stop…10 full hour episodes later we were attached. I thought the previews made it look cheesy- and while it is a bit, it’s still so addicting.

6. Foxcatcher– This is one of the first Oscar buzz movies I’ve seen and it is SO GOOD. Amazing acting, creepy REAL LIFE story, and so much more. Everyone needs to see it pronto.

7. Phox– One of the bands that I got Natalie hooked on during our #passporttothepacific trip. They sound even better live than they do on their album! Buy it here and become obsessed. (Some favorites include Slow Motion, Shrinking Violets, and Satyr and the Faun- but honestly all of the songs are the best).

8. Joseph– Another band we listened to constantly! They are from the Pacific North West and I listen to them pretty much every single plane ride I’ve taken- over and over and over. They are the best. Like Phox- they sound even better live, just youtube them! You can download their album here.

9. Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate– Because coffee tastes like dirt. I think there is crack in the DD Hot Chocolate. Hoping this is the last month of winter where I’ll be craving a warm drink.

10. Begin Again– I watched this movie with my mom. I was a little hesitant at first- I thought the trailer made the movie look a little too rom-com-y, but it’s actually so awesome! If you love New York, I think you’ll enjoy this movie even more.


  1. Lauren Swann

    February 20th, 2015 at 8:33 am

    Can you get back on my continent?? I miss hate-watching the bachelor with you!!!!!

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