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Last week, I talked a bit about my time in Morocco, but mainly La Medina where Renee and I stayed most of the trip. The day after I finally recovered from my food poisoning bit, we traveled about 3 hours away from Marrakech to Tanaghmeilt to see the Ouzoud Falls. The water almost looked like clay as it cascaded down the water from the crazy amounts of rain and flooding that happend a few days prior to us arriving. When we finally got out of our little van filled with 5 American girls, a Lithuania boy, and Moroccan driver, we were in awe. It seriously looked like we were in a scene from Jurassic Park.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

We met up with a tour guide who took us up and around the falls. We all learned so much and saw some amazing things- including MONKEYS.  OMG YES, real life, non-zoo monkeys. They jumped on our heads, our shoulders, took food from us, everything. AND IT WAS THE BEST THING EVERRRRR!! This totally made up for the 12 hours of violent vomitting the two nights prior. I made besties with the little baby monkey and we took a ton of selfies.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

When we stopped on our way back up the falls, we were all treated to a traditional Moroccan meal. I still wasn’t trusting eating anything, so my plate kind of just sat there as I tried to convince the table to eat it. It all smelled amazing, but my stomach was not having it. To get over the smell of the Moroccan spices, I focused on the pretty views of the Ouzoud, as well as the monkeys trying to sneak around us and steal all our bread (a little Abu wanna-be actually got a loaf! see the GIF below, I think it’s my favorite thing from that day, haha).

I snapped as many photos and videos as I could of the falls! If you’re visiting Morocco, I highly HIGHLY recommend taking the time to see these incredible falls (the photos do not do the site justice!)

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After we were done with our day at the Ouzoud Falls, we started the long, bumpy ride home to Marrakech. Renee and I SO BADLY wanted to ride some camels out in the Sahara, but our hostel wasn’t letting anyone travel out due to flooding. We ended up passing a big desert-like area on the way home, so we took a mental note to go back there in the morning to get our camel fix.


The next afternoon, we booked a shuttle to the little desert area to meet some cute little camels (Sabrina and Victoria). We had a really awesome time and were happy to at least see some desert-ness on our trip!

We rode camels yesterday! #rhtravels #mospotrip

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